Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Apple IPad

Apple's New Ipad is now released - What a brilliant device to "pop our eyes"! After Avatar, another incredible thing of this century is an invention of a device which can be used as

1. A book
2. An Ipod
3. A laptop
4. A newspaper
5. A magaazine
6. PDA
7. Music docking station
8. Browser
9. Gaming device

and what not! That too at an incredibly affordable price!

16 GB $499
32 GB $599
64 GB $699

Add an extra 130$ for 3G with AT&T Plans (starting from 14.99 & 29.99)

9.7 inch color multi-touch display.
10 hours of battery life, and a month on standby.

Can run all IPhone Apps, runs on IPhone-OS Release date is in April 2010...can't wait to grab it....